We opened in August 2000, a specialist shop (physical Square Sofia 28 / A in Turin) for celiac disease with only one in Italy, dealing exclusively gluten-free products, in the memorandum AIC. We offer a home delivery service throughout Italy and information on the Internet where you can buy all the products on the market provided by the largest companies in the market and not (BI-AGLUT, Schar, NUTRIFREE, DIALCOS, Pandea, DSFOOD, GIUSTO, MOLINO NICCOLI, GLUTENOUT, and how many others will be able to certify according to the parameters of Article 7 and Article 11 of Legislative Decree 111/92 of the Ministry of Health produced gluten-free diet), or with written certification from the same manufacturer . Our service will take into consideration the memorandum drawn up by AIC, where real-time distribution will lift the products that you will feel polluted. We offer an informative product on the market, advice on appropriate recipes and those already experienced and new connections through links to associations for the various problems facing the celiac-in short to answer anything that might create doubts and nutrition concerns of coeliacs, could both see the Internet, by telephone at any time, new developments in medicine and new medical discoveries through publications concerning the allergy. Accepted recommendations for anything that might be useful to improve the service. Thanks in advance for your interest in us hoping soon to get the vaccine, which will make us completely free. Contact Us!

Price: 4,10
Weight:200 g

Price: 1,30 Weight:40 g

Price: 1,00 Weight:30 g

Price: 4,50 Weight:180 g
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