Franchising CELI@CHIA-FOOD


  • is a network of franchised stores to gluten-free products destined for celiacs, people that suffer from food intolerance to gluten permanent.

    Why open a shop CELI@CHIA-FOOD?
  • In the first place to meet the specific needs and requirements of food allergies.
  • The food for celiacs, so far missing in the supermarket shelves or offered on catalogs in pharmacies, found in CELI@CHIA-FOOD their ideal space. Besides being the first and only space exclusively devoted to products for coeliacs, the offer is very extensive, the references are proposed, in fact, about 1,200 between pasta and bread, ice cream, candy, pizza, beer and more.
  • In addition to being a novelty food market, this year CELI@CHIA-FOOD aims through franchising. What is franchising.

  • What is the franchising?
  • Franchising is a system of commercial cooperation between two independent companies: a producer (or a wholesaler or supplier of services), said franchisor, and most traders, those affiliates who work with retail units.
  • For this collaboration produces benefits for both the franchisor to the franchisee, it is necessary that the system demonstrates, throughout its duration, usually 3 to 6 years, a coincidence of interests between the two parties. The administrative requirement to open a grocery store is the necessary Exhibitors Trade Registration Office (REC), bureaucratic practice can easily carry them out.

  • If you are interested in opening a shop CELI@CHIA-FOOD complete the form which can be downloaded by clicking here  or the link below in all its parts. So you will receive via email the "Prospectus Franchising CELI @ CHIA-FOOD" which explains in detail all the details of the formula.

    If you are interested, please contact:
    Tel. 011.2467530
    Fax 011.2492129
    Visit our website

    Download the photo shop Turin pilot
    Download application form

    Price:€ 4,10
    Weight:200 g

    Price:€ 1,30 Weight:40 g

    Price:€ 1,00 Weight:30 g

    Price:€ 4,50 Weight:180 g
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